Signature Events

North East India is gripped by many moods and many colours of charming festivals celebrated in different Tourist Route of the region. To experience & explore the same mark your dates to holidaying in North East with the Captivating Signature Events as:

Ziro Music Festival

Month: September last Week
Place: Ziro in Arunachal Pradesh
It's an Open Air festival of Music organized annually at the picturesque Ziro. It’s a showcase of independent music.

Nongkrem Festival

Month: November mid-week
Place: Smit Village near Shillong in Meghalaya
Meghalaya-known as the abode of the Cloud celebrating the KaPomblangNongkrem every year at the onset of Autumn. Observing with pomp and splendor the Nongkremat the historic and traditional hamlet called Smit Village ,it is the annual thanks giving ceremony to the traditional deity of the Khasi tribes in Meghalaya KaBleiSynshar for a rich harvest and prosperity of the people. Smit is the the headquarters and capital of the ancient Khasi state of HimaKhyrim located at about 22 km from Shillong and often called as the cultural hub of the Khasi Tribes in Meghalaya. The five day long festival of colours is basically performed by the youngsters dressed up with traditional attire. Apart from dance religious rituals are also practiced therein.

Autumn Cherry Blossom Festival

Month: November mid-week
Place: Shillong
One of the most fascinating event to witness in North East whenever someone is visiting North East in autumn is the Cherry Blossom Festival. It is the best to enjoy the autumn and experience the natural depiction of purple and white not in the West but it is in the Scotland of the East.

Wangala Festival

Month: November
Place: Tura in the Garo Hills of Meghalaya
The biggest festival of the Garo tribal community in Meghalaya observed as a grand carnival after the harvest season. Thronged to the ground in groups of the community beating hundreds’ of traditional Drum it seems as if musical heaven on Earth.

Sangai Festival

Month: November
Place: Manipur
A showcase of Art, culture, sports & heritage of mesmerizing Manipur Sangai festival is ever to remember if one experiencing it.

Hornbill Festival

Month: December 1st to 10th each year
Place: Kisama near Kohima in Nagaland
Home to the numerous vibrant Tribes Nagaland celebrated the much awaited Hornbill Festival each year as a conglomeration of all tribes festive celebration. The must see in Nagaland s said to be the festival of festivals. The awesome festival is to protect, sustain, and promote the rich cultural heritage and traditions of magnificent Naga Tribes.


Month: December
Place: Sikkim
As a post-harvest festival Sikkim celebrated the Lossong with great fervor with tradition & customs performing folk dances & songs to make the entire ambience joyous.

Magh Bihu

Month: January 14th & 15th
Place: Assam
To observe the post-harvest season Assam celebrated the Magh Bihu with feasting and merriment. It’s a gala occasion of where apart to feasting traditional games as egg fight, Buffalo fight and the much awaited Bulbul bird fight can be witnessed.

Torgya Festival

Month: January mid-week
Place: Tawang Monastery in Arunachal Pradesh
The must see Torgya festival is celebrated in the Tawang Monastery every year as a showcase of monastic event with traditional customs, rituals and dances. Signifying destruction of evil being in the Earth, Torgya is a very charming and colorfull event in the snow clad mountain TownTawang, known as the Switzerland of the East.

ShapawngYawngManao Poi

Month: February 12th to 15th
Place: Singphou Tribes area of Arunachal Pradesh
One of the most colorful and vibrant festival in the southern Arunachal is the celebration of ShapawngYawngManao Poi. Basically the ‘Singphou’ tribes celebrate the ShapawngYawngManaoPoi . This is a dance based cultural festival performed to commemorate and pay respect to the ancestors from whom the Singphous originated. The word Shapawng means great grand father, manao means dance and poi means festival in Singphou language.

Tamladu Festival

Month: February 13th to 15th
Place: Lohit and DibangVally in Arunachal Pradesh
The Tamladu festival celebrated by the Mishimi tribe in the area of Lohit and Dibang valley in Arunachal Pradesh. Centrally observed for three days from 12th to 15th of February-by the celebration of the Tamladu the Mishimi tribes welcomes the New year as per the Mishimi calendar. Apart from the same the root cause of celebrating the festival is safety of all living being on this Earth and ecological balance and peace.


Month: February first week
Place: Sikkim
The Sikkimese observed the Tibetan New Year in the first half of February celebrating Losar Festival as joy de vivor. Colorful traditional attires of spectacular Sikkimese people danced in the monasteries makes Sikkim a triumph of color & happiness


Month: March
Place: Mizoram
At the advent of Spring welcoming the fabulous Nature ChapcharKut is a festival celebrated in spectacular Mizoram with pomp and gaiety. The amazing culture &colourful tradition apart to the must see magnificent Bamboo Dance of Mizoram can be experienced during the festive days.


Month: April 1st week
Place: Siang valley in Arunachal Pradesh
Celebrated by the Adi Galo tribes in the Siang Valley of Arunachal Pradesh Mopin is a captivating festival worth to enjoy. Elegant dance Popir and lyrical folk tunes of the Galos’ added flvour to the pre harvest celebration at onset of Spring season at the natural ambience. Dressed in their traditional attire, the Galo people expose their richness of the culture & tradition during the Mopin celebration organized on 5th April each year.


Month: April 1st week
Place: Mon district in Nagaland
The largest among the major 17 tribes in Nagaland, the Konyaks celebrated the awesome Aoling festival as a pre harvest performance at the arrival of Spring season. Signifying culture and dignity of tradition, Aoling is a must see in the Mon district of Nagaland.

Rangali Bihu

Month: April 14th to 17th
Place: Assam
Depicting Assam's culture and tradition Rangali Bihu is the most celebrated festival of Assam at the advent of Spring. Performing with most lyrical dance form & melodious tunes of folk songs Bihu is the pre harvest festival celebrated all over Assam with pomp &fervour that is must see if someone is visiting Assam.


Month:August to November
Place: Assam
Bhaona is a traditional; art form of entertainment initiated by Saint Sankardeva in the15th century A.D. Conveying religious messages performing the unique style of Xatra tradition the Gayan-Bayan and using masks to enactBhaona is a folk Art of excellent feature and must see in Assam, basically in Majuli-the largest riverine island of the World.